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I'm a Comic Artist and Graphic Designer, currently artist on the comic Little Guardians.
This blog is full of my comics and sketches.

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Your Card For This Sunday’s AWESOME CON Appearance!

SAF Awesome 2014a

As we announced last week, this coming weekend – April 18th-20th - we are returning to be a part of the second year of the fantastic comic convention known as Awesome Con!

We’re very proud to be coming back, and even prouder to announce our card for our show (taking place Sunday, April 20th at 2:15pm, Room 201).

The card features a unique mixture of SAF Veterans, Newbies looking to make their…

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Support for my superartfight debut as ISP Officer C.P. Bristol is support for those brave crusaders everywhere fighting ART CRIME! 


When a Crime is committed against Art, EVERYONE LOSES. Especially the Crimers. DON’T BE AN ART CRIMER!
Message brought to you by Officer C.P. Bristol of the Internet Superhighway Patrol.

Some promo shots of my persona. I’ll be a guest superartfight ‘er this weekend at awesomecons ! Credit to samanthakyle for her help on the costume.

Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 04 

Guest Comics - The Adventures of Tane and His Amazing Sidekick Elk | Page 03
Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Kyle Latino 

Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 03 

Guest Comics - The Adventures of Tane and His Amazing Sidekick Elk | Page 02
Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Kyle Latino 

Our new Friday Feature on Little Guardians, guest artist Kyle Latino!



We crave pizza. And cats. You know, we’re really just totally craving the heck out of some pizza cats right now. Give us cats eating pizza. Give us cats MADE of pizza. Yes, send them our way.

Due to unnatural cravings, the P I Z Z A C A T S zine will consist of illustrations, poems, short comics, and stories about pizza and cats, together at last, joined in an unholy unity of mewling, melty cheese.

Contributors to P I Z Z A C A T S will receive a PDF to print and distribute to your hearts content. Image size not to exceed 8.5” x 5.5”; submissions will be accepted until midnight, April 30th. Have fun and keep it clean, folks.*

*By submitting to the Pizza Cat Zine you are agreeing to have your work printed and distributed by your fellow contributors. Again, you may opt out of the zine and just participate in the tag, that is totally cool.

Pizza Cat Zine is curated by Samantha Kyle and Lee Cherolis

Questions? Use our Ask box or email them to SamanthaKyle(at)

Awwwwwww yeah.

Little Guardians Cute Cosplay Overload

We had a visitor at our table… Nina as Subira and Nancy as Subira’s spirit panther, our first Little Guardians cosplayers. Nina even has a guardian’s spirit orb, which I give extra points for creativity and dedication to the source material, even if Subira hasn’t yet earned her own orb in the comic. This made my day. Also, I have to give a huge thank you to John and Indypendentshow for having us. Fantastic little show created specifically for beginning creators who want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of making comics and self-publishing. I definitely recommend it, plus it’s local for us. Bonus!

Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 02