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I'm a Comic Artist and Graphic Designer, currently artist on the comic Little Guardians.
This blog is full of my comics and sketches.

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Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 29

Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 28

Art criminals beware! Officer Bristol is ever vigilant.
Witness the full force of the law bringing down the scum of the art world, this Saturday at Awesomecon Indianapolis. 

Super Art Fight -

Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 27

That one time half an hour ago when I was a Time Lord for 5 minutes. 
I had commissioned Kendra to make an awesome 10th Doctor Suit. Today was our last fitting. All that’s left to do are the buttons and pant leg hems. I also need to go get a better shirt and tie. I just put on whatever I had for the fitting. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. Planning on wearing this to Awesome Con Indianapolis. Which is significant because my comic creator’s meetup the Indy Webcomics Group is hosting a Cosplay Gesture drawing Jam with me as the MC. This will of course be my gear for the show. 

Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 26

The Adventures of Tane and His Amazing Sidekick Elk | Cover
Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Kyle Latino

SPX was incredible this year! I am still recovering from all of the incredible talent that just walked around right in front of me. SWOON.

My wife and I brought home quite a haul of books and art. I ended up being a print junkie this year. Here’s some of the awesome that will soon be hanging on my walls…

The Tortoise by Dustin Harbin
Pest Control by Andrea Kalfas
Polypheme and Odyssea bySam Bosma
Little Traveler or Explorer? (I can’t find the name!) by Natalie Andrewson

I’m attending #SPX2014 because I support the work of independent creators in comics - and you should too!

Chapter 5 - Tane and the Spirit Dragon | Page 25